Download Azsky Recharge Tool V3.04 To Fix Account Loading Problems On G1

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I have received several reports of some people not been able to load the G1 account into the azsky G1 code. Although i provided a comprehensive troubleshooting and error fixing guide here, I think there is some room for improvement with the loading errors on azsky g1. So this article will avail all and sundry the opportunity to download the latest azsky recharge tool tagged v3.04 and also all new software for azsky dongles and decoders. Before i proceed, there are some per-requisite the first one been; i. Yu must ensure that you azsky dongle is not fake, to check that please read this article: … [Read more...]

Another Update Software For Qsat 11G, Q11G+, 13G & 15G + HD Frequencies

qsat q11+

Qsat users have witnessed yet another software release from qsat. And also, qsat now has another model named Q11G+. In this article, i will give you the link to download the newly released software for qsat Q11G+, Q13G, Q11G, AND Q15G. I cannot really pin-point the improvement this software brings to qsat(i am still running version 6.022 and its still working fine with my code 54) but in my opinion, i think it may revive some issues with some qsat that are not working(e.g code 40 and code 59). But my candid advice is that if your qsat is still working(that is opening dst* channels, ) Please … [Read more...]

Updates On Azsky & Other Dongles + How to Get BEinSports On Azsky


Dst* should know that, there are as many dongles as there are many upgrades. This is obviously a lost battle for them. The latest technology used in blocking dongles by dst* is very powerful, but it still has a loophole. Yes i agreed that it worked on most devices, but it also failed on some devices. Right after the upgrade, we have seen several devices and accounts still opening dst* channels.The most  consistent now being qsat. Infact dst* upgrades made qsat to work even better because before the upgrade qsat was pefroming poorly. Now qsat can open most HD channel on dstv and major SD … [Read more...]